Building a Sustainable Future

The Affordable, Renewable Solution to Discarded CDE Material


What is CDE Waste?

Construction, demolition and excavation (CDE) waste is simply the unused or unusable material or refuse of construction activities  on any development project (e.g., residential developments, commercial buildings, parking lots, bridges and tunnels, among others).


The number of cities with one million people has grown worldwide, increasing the amount of city and urban construction:

2000 – 371 Cities
2018 – 548 Cities
2030 – 706 Cities (Projected)

*United Nations, The World’s Cities in 2018 – Data Booklet

We Recover Resources & Give Them New Life

We accept a number of waste streams across various market segments. Innovative technology and partnerships enable us to recover, recycle, and process materials in a way that other businesses can’t. Our products support our clients in meeting their project material specifications and sustainability objectives, while also delivering a positive outcome to the community and environment.

At Repurpose Aggregates, we strive to change the perception of the leftover or discarded material from CDE activities typically regarded as unusable or unwanted (e.g., concrete, brick, dirt, etc.). We consider the impact of everything that we do and work to deliver a positive outcome to our customers, end-users, the community, and various other stakeholders. We believe in sustainability and the notion of doing well, by doing good.

Recover Resources

Our Story

Waste is a byproduct of life that needs to be proactively dealt with; not buried and neglected to become a future problem.

By partnering with the public and private sectors, we invest in best-practice technologies and sustainable solutions. These systems help reduce environmental degradation and CO2 emissions to protect the planet for future generations.

Recover Resources

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A Product of Harford Minerals
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